So I thought it might be about time we had some etiquette added to our site after attending and hosting several meets and events. Our meets and events are meant to be a fun, socializing Mopar experience! We are all car enthusiasts and need to respect each other while having an awesome time in the process. So here is a list of Do's and Dont's!


1. Get out of your car and socialize! There are tons of Mopar enthusiasts waiting to meet you! Making friends and getting ideas for your vehicle are part of what it is all about. Don't be that guy or girl that sits in their car all night and never talks to anyone. We are all excited to meet you and hear about your mods, problems and anything really! I hear the president of CMC is pretty nice as well, so go say hi! 

2. Snap photos of your favorite rides, your new friends, and the group vehicles, funny moments whatever! Make sure you share on our Facebook page, Instagram page or send them to our website! Be sure to tag us and promote Canadian Mopar Club respectfully! We would love to share your photos and use them for our website! If you are a photographer do let the president know! We love to see your photos and videos no matter how amateur or how edited. You never know who might have loved your car and snapped an epic photo. Social media is one the main ways we share our meet locations and pics and promote our club to get new members. So share away and invite your car buds to our Instagram & Facebook!

3. Ask questions & don't judge! It doesn't matter what you drive or how much you paid or how much money you put into it, what matters is you love your Mopar and they are all equally awesome. Be proud of what you have built and take time to notice others! Your ride is a masterpiece in your eyes, and so is every other ride at our events! Take time to compliment others rides and you just might get some yourself! Don't ever think your ride is not up to par, or not good enough! Keep in mind the President drives a pretty awesome V6! Make it your own and be proud of what you have accomplished!



In light of recent event at meets around the lower mainland and our own, car clubs have gotten quite a bad rap...Lets not add to this negative reputation. Lets make this a fun experience families and friends can go to and not have to worry about "that person" who feels it is necessary to do a smoke show in a crowded parking lot or public place. We all know how much power our Mopars have, so lets keep the muscle shows to the track! Most of us have loud exhausts and loud revving is also not allowed! We want to keep these events going and meet weekly, if we get kicked out of one place or the other, then how can we dot that! Think about it, and people talk. 

It doesn’t make you look cool! In fact, it makes you look like a complete moron with a complete disregard for the safety of both yourself and other meet attendees. Think about the owner(s) of the venue this meet is being held at – would you like it if somebody laid a solid layer of rubber on the asphalt (or grass) that you’ve paid good money to have built and maintained? Not only is it unsafe, but excessive noise, revving and burnouts can have a serious long-term impact on the relationship between the car scene and the police, media and general public. Car meets are a privilege, not a right. This privilege could be taken away at the snap of the right fingers, and we don’t want to see that happen. If we can demonstrate that as a community we are family-orientated, safe, considerate and generally well-behaved; THAT is how we can actively reduce the ‘hoon’ stigma which has consistently plagued the car scene for many years. There are plenty of outlets for those with the need for speed, noise or skid – track days, drift prac and other motor sport events are held frequently around the state. Save the noise, the speed and the skids for the right place and the right time!

2. This one is simple - NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS & LITTERING!!

I don't think I need to elaborate on this much, but had to add it in because it seems to be a problem in local groups so just don't do it!

Pick up your damn Tim Hortons cup and throw it in the garbage! 

3. DON'T DISRESPECT!  - Respect law enforcement/ business owners and the organizer!

Believe it or not, the police are on our side. They cooperate with meet organizers to ensure that attendees are safe, and to encourage safe driving practices.  

Excessive revving and dangerous driving not only disrespects the hardworking organizers; it disrespects the police and business owners as well! If you see a police car at a meet, this does not mean they’re there to reprimand you.  Don’t make it hard for them. A smile and a ‘hello’ can go a long way in ensuring that the positive relationship between the meet organizers (and the car scene as a whole) and the police continues to be a positive and prosperous one. The many Tim's owners and parking lots we hold meets at are a privilege! Remember that. You respect them and we can have our weekly meets. 


Lastly me - I put a lot of time and effort into organizing meets and events for you all, for the most part alone. It is a lot of work and I have tried really hard to bring the Mopar community together and cut through all the b.s and make it all about the machines! So please respect that and behave! We love you all and want to be able to make Epic Mopar events and gain a positive reputation for CMC. 

-The President

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